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Customized Cleaning

How can you make sure your cleaner knows how to succeed in giving you

the best cleaning? Most people think that cleaning a house is simple and every house is the same. But REALLY cleaning house successfully is meeting a person's specific expectations. Let the owner know what things are important to you and where things are located in your home, so that she can put those in the notes for your cleaner and any cleaner that substitutes.

For example:

I want the glass door cleaned on both sides that leads to the pool every time.


The kids bedrooms are never to be cleaned.


I am very particular about... my shower glass, that the back of my toilet is cleaned, or my bathroom rugs being put back in the right position.

Let the owner know the following information, so she can post it in the cleaners notes for your account:

* Where are ....the trash bags? paper towels? Vacuum cleaner? Broom? Mop? Cleaning supplies stored? How are the cleaners getting into the house?

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