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Welcome to the Neighborhood

When you are in a rush to move-out, it's easy to forget that the new tenant will be searching through boxes for the next few months to find their items. Yes, you've paid for your home to be professionally cleaned, so you know they will have a clean house. But, if they can't find those cleaning supplies or if they don't have time to run to the store, how long will it stay clean until they have the time to unpack?

At Helpful Housekeeping, we are aware of the needs of both the seller and the buyer. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and carry workman's compensation. After providing the home with a detailed clean, a Welcome to the Neighborhood Bucket is left for the new owners. The bucket contains a gift of various cleaning supplies (typically: Comet, trash bags, a magic erasor, a tub brush, a blind duster, a toothbrush, a microfiber dusting cloth, an empty spray bottle, a mop bucket, and a scouring brush) with cleaning tips wrapped around each item. The gift bucket also includes coupons and a brochure of recommended local businesses and a brochure from Helpful Housekeeping. It also includes a few chocolate candies.

Hopefully, this gift provides the new home owner with some basic supplies until they get settled and a sense of warm welcome to our city.

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