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Making Laundry Easy

Laundry Fairy here to give some advice time saving advice to make laundry easy.

Here's some tips I've employed in my family of five for the last 15 years.

1. Same Socks. However cute the turtle socks or reindeer socks may be...THROW THEM ALL OUT. Buy two 12 -packs of socks for each person. I buy one black and one white. Make sure that they are EXACTLY the same inside each pack. This eliminates matching socks and having drawers of only one sock.

2. Separate Baskets. The bathroom is a perfect place to keep laundry baskets. I have three in my mine. One for my whites, colors, and then towels. The girls have a separate laundry basket for their clothes in their room. Not only are your clothes separated at the time of wash, they are separated afterwards, as well.

3. Hangers. Keep all your hangers in one area of your closet. When you select a shirt, don't rip it off the hanger. Remove the shirt and place your empty hanger immediately beside the rest of the empty hangers. When you go to hang up your clothes, you will no longer be searching for hangers.

4. Don't Wait. Don't let your laundry build up until its a nightmare. When one of your basket gets full, throw it in the wash. In the rare instance that you need to wash your clothes before the basket is full-- so you will have underwear or bras, let' say-- you need to purchase more of that item so you can get through a week without running out.

5. Simplify your wardrobe. If you have a hard time finding room for clean clothes, chances need to THROW OUT your old clothes. You only need a weeks worth of gym clothes, for example. If you honestly don't have clothes that can be thrown away or find you have to GIVE away perfectly good condition clothes that still need to take a look at your spending habits and STOP BUYING new clothes. If your clothes can't comfortably fit into YOUR dress and YOUR close, its time to purge and stop splurging.

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