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Dining Rooms

We can dust those high chandeliers, remove the dust from the cracked of ornate furniture, oil that China cabinet, remove lint or animal fur from the cushions on the dining room chairs, vacuum the rugs, scrub the baseboards, wipe the molding and columns, remove the cobwebs from the paintings, and polish the hardwood floors.


We clean large and small bedrooms. We can change sheets, pick up rooms, make beds, organize closets and drawers, dust furniture, clean fans, scrub baseboards, straight shoes, and eliminate clutter.


We offer cleaning of outside, cleaning of inside, and organization of all kitchen cabinets.

We can clean your refrigerator, stove, or microwave. We can de-clutter your counter tops and clean behind appliances. We can even wash and put away your dishes.

Living Rooms

We can dust, vacuum, de-clutter, organize, sweep, and polish your living room.  We can vacuum your couches or brush them with a lint brush.


We can clean garden tub jets, shower doors, soap scum build up, granite counter tops, and remove hard water buildup around fixtures. We clean the toilet, sinks, light fixtures, cabinets, baseboards, and tile.

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