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Before Child's Closet

Clothes are unsorted


block other items

Toys, Clothes, Purses, Blankets, & Shoes thrown onto floor

Existing organizational bins are untidy

What was done?

  • Clothes were sorted & hung by jackets, sweaters, dresses, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, & skirts

  • Longer clothes were moved to the right side of closet so that bins on left side with hair bands, bows, ribbons, bras, panties, & socks could easily be accessed

  • Dirty clothes were cleaned & hung up

  • Pants were sorted into into jeans & stretch pants/ leggings and folded neatly into hanging bin

  • Candy wrappers, clothing tags, and broken toys were thrown away

  • Toys were organized & displayed in bins

  • Baseboards were wiped clean & Floor was vaccummed

  • Extra blankets, outgrown clothes, & items to give away were neatly stored at the top of the closest

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