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Before Child's Room



Bookshelf looks cluttered because books are untidy and items are piled on top.


Floor piled with trash, school papers, toys, and hangers


Dress up box is over flowing & mingled with trash.


Floor is littered with dirty and clean clothes, school papers, toys, & game parts.


Closet has broken hangers, clean & dirty clothes on floor, no where to put shoes, and toys outside of their bins.


TV stand has DVDs scattered & not put into proper cases.


What was done?

*All baseboards were cleaned.

*All furniture, except bed, was moved & cleaned and vacummed under and behind.

*All furniture was scrubbed of finger prints, food stains, and marks that could be removed with magic erasor and furniture cleaner.

*Toys were put in toy bins in closet.

*Old school papers, excess art work, broken crayons, food wrappers, juice bottles, clothing tags, etc. were thrown away

*Drawers were organized for clothing and desk items.

* DVDs were matched to proper cases.

* Books were removed and straightened.

* Items were chosen to decorate the tops of furniture.

* Clean clothes were hung or put away in appropriate drawers & dirty clothes were taken to laundry room.

* Bed was made.

*Room was vacummed.

*Shoes were organized & placed in front of closet for easy access.

*Dressup box was edited to contain only dressup items.

*Game pieces were placed in the appropriate game boxes & put at the top of the closet.



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